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Botox-Buddies Program:  Bring a friend!

Bring a new patient to Surgical Artistry in 2009, you and your friend will receive 10% off Botox injections. 

. . . For facial aging, Botox and sun-block are among the most effective preventative agents.

Dr. Calvin Lee, Botox Injector
Calvin Lee, MD
General Surgeon
Botox Injector
Dr. Tammy Wu, Plastic Surgery, Botox Injector
Tammy Wu, MD
Plastic Surgeon
Botox Injector

"We consider cosmetic injections to be an extension of our surgical skills"


Surgical Artistry Botox-Buddies Program (FAQ)

Receive an additional 10% off Botox injections, fillers injections, and facial vein lasering if you bring a friend (or more than one friend) who is new to Surgical Artistry.  Both you and your friend(s) will receive 10% off before the end of 2009!


What other services qualify for the Botox-Buddies discount?

  • Cosmetic services to the face:  Botox, Fillers (Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm, Prevelle), Facial Vein Lasering qualify for our Botox-Buddies discount.  So it's not just Botox.  "Botox-Buddies" has a great ring to it.  Otherwise, we could call it "Cosmetic-Facial-Injection-and-Facial-Laser Vein-Bring-a-Friend-Program."  For now we're happy with calling it the "Botox-Buddies Program."

What is the minimum purchase that each friend has to make?

  • $75 dollars each person is the minimum purchase.

What if I bring a friend and at the consultation she decides that botox isn't what she wanted

  • Botox isn't for everyone.  We insist on a detailed consultation to make sure that we have matching goals and expectations.  In this case where you made an effort to introduce us a new patient, we would still honor the discount for you.

Does my friend who's new to Surgical Artistry have to fill out paperwork?

  • Yes, paperwork is a part of getting into our office.  We'll make it worthwhile, and you can help with the paperwork.

What if I bring someone who is already an existing patient to Surgical Artistry?

  • We think it's great to have a buddy-system for botox.  It's like working out with a partner.   You will help remind each other not to rub the areas injected and it will be more fun.   We would like to offer 5% off for these instances.

What if I bring 2 other friends, but only one of them is new to Surgical Artistry?

  • You will all get the full Botox-Buddies discount of 10% off.  Your friends will all thank you for organizing the time.

If I have a coupon, can I combine it with the Botox-Buddies discount?

  • For the most part, yes - we will allow discounts to be combined with this program.  Let's say you received a 10% off coupon from one of our open house events and you bring a friend who is already one of our patients (5% off).  You will receive a combined discount.

If I have a coupon for Botox from another medical spa or facility, can I use it at Surgical Artistry?

  • For the most part, yes.  Please discuss this with us before your injections.

Do we have to come together at the same appointment?

  • Yes, we would like for you and your friend(s) to come together at the same appointment in order to qualify for this particular discount.  However, we would be very honored to take care of any friends you refer to us.

What is the consultation fee for new patients?  Is there a fee for existing patients?

  • The consultation fee for botox and fillers is $50 for new patients.  This applies for any new patients you would introduce to us for botox and fillers, regardless of whether they have had injections before.  The consultation fee for cosmetic surgery procedures is separate from cosmetic injections and currently it is $200.

How do I tell the receptionist that I want to take part in the Botox-Buddies program?  Do I have to sign up?  Is there a coupon?

  • It is an automatic program that starts January 2, 2009.  You can of course mention that you want the Botox-Buddies discount - to be sure that we schedule it that way for you.  No coupon needed for the Botox-Buddies discount.

How long are the Botox-Buddies appointments?

  • About 45 minutes for 2 people.

How much is Botox per unit at Surgical Artistry?  How many units does one usually need in the area between the eyes (glabellar area, "the elevens")?

  • Botox is $13/unit at Surgical Artistry.  One usually needs about 20-30 units in the area between the eyes.   20 units of botox would be $260.  Many people want three areas treated:  Forehead, between the eyes, and crows feet on the side of the eyes.  This is usually about 60 units to treat these three spots.  Please see our Botox FAQ (frequently asked questions) section for more information about the science of Botox.

Who injects Botox and Fillers?  the surgeons?

  • At Surgical Artistry, it can be either surgeon:  Dr. Calvin Lee or Dr. Tammy Wu.  You can choose either surgeon or select whomever has an opening that fits your schedule.  Dr. Lee and Dr. Wu are both owners of Surgical Artistry, Inc. (Yes, they are husband/wife).  We currently have not hired nurse/employee injectors.  See the section on our Surgeon Injectors (Dr. Wu and Dr. Lee). 

Do you use genuine Botox at Surgical Artistry?

  • Yes, we obtain Botox directly from Allergan.  If you wish, our supply is available for you to view.


Surgical Artistry, Inc.  2336 Sylvan Ave. Ste C, Modesto, CA 95355.  (209) 551-1888


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Dr. Tammy Wu

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